No better time than now. Create with me.

This is to help people familiarize with my music, career, passions, and find a way to connect.

The short version of my life goes like this: Grew up on a hobby farm in Idaho, graduated high school, graduated college, learned guitar, taught elementary school, wrote songs, ran a bunch of half marathons, hit dance parties, served a church mission, ran a marathon, got a Master’s degree, nannied, became an Assistant Principal and helped start a school, married the man of my dreams, painted pictures, wrote more songs, then moved to California. Just prior to the move was when I did my first show where about 100 family/friends came and life changed. Now I record songs, write songs, hang out with my amazing husband and son, and ride bikes. 

That version is the one that only a passerby or acquaintance, maybe even a new friend would get from me. In my songs, you will hear the longer, deeper version of my life. We all struggle...that's how we grow. My songs often come from a struggling place and were sometimes what helped me get through tough times. Some of my songs come from a deeply joyful place as well. 

I used to be the kind of person that knew a bunch of people, but didn't go real deep. Several years ago that changed and now I really love connecting with people on a deeper level and getting to know their story. Knowing people's story helps me understand them better and brings out their inner beauty. 

The songs you'll hear on the first EP were often written with a hope in mind. The hope that a bad relationship would end. The hope that I would be able to get over the relationship that did end. The hope that I would one day find the person who would paint my life pretty with October sunsets and I would paint theirs. The hope that I could pursue my dreams, even when it felt daunting. The hope that if life suddenly changed on a Friday Night, it was for my good and growth in the end. The hope that my dreams could be more than in my head. 

The songs you heard on my House Concert Tour dinclude some songs from my first album and some were from a new place in my life. A place of feeling able and empowered to pursue life the way I was born to do. It's having dreams and making them become real. It's knowing that the only person moving me forward or holding me back is me. I'm in life to win it and not have regrets, so I'm pushing outside of my comfortable place all the time. I'm going to my personal throne. Listen to Personal Throne recorded from a house concert here. Thanks for being there with me and thanks for a great tour this summer!

Love, Andrea Belita*

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