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One Week Until the House Concert Tour!

After releasing my album a little over a year ago and having a baby, I'm excited to get on the road and connect with people through songs I've written and the stories behind them on my first ever House Concert Tour. I'll be touring through Utah and Idaho, so please check out the dates. You can find the dates on my website: or my FB page: Andrea Belita Music. If you follow Bandsintown, I'm on there as Andrea Belita Music. Please find a date or area that works for you and come! Some are on weeknights, but all end no later than 10 pm to accomodate work schedules. Music is the expression of emotion from my heart. xx


Andrea Belita* a concept album taking you through the highs and lows that you and I feel as we move through the hardships and triumphs in love.

The album begins with Fell Apart, an upbeat tune with ABBA influence that tells of a relatioship I had that ended as quickly as it began. Sometimes we get lost in the excitement of a budding love because it’s new, fun, and crazy. Before you know it, it’s gone and you have no idea what happened. Whirlwind you came around, the first line of the song after a dramatic, heartfelt chorus intro perfectly describes the tone of the song. It’s cheerful, lighthearted beat makes you think twice about the lyrics that tell a sad love story. It ends with a 90’s love song fade and you end up singing about sandcastles the rest of the day!

I wrote Letting Go as a way to talk myself into moving on after a relationship that had been going back and forth for a little while. I felt so much pain and so much hurt. I felt unwanted, but the signals were from him were mixed and I was head over heels. The song describes the pain, insecurity, and hurt that often accompanies forced relationships. It might take you back to that teenage love or those twenty-something relationships that you desperately wanted to work out, but wouldn’t. You might be able to relate to the way I had to talk myself into moving on and letting go because I knew it would be for my good. If I would only let go, I could find what could genuinely and willingly become mine.

After that rough relationship, I spent at least once a week Going Dancing. I was going to just go have fun! With this song, you can let go and put on those faded jeans that fit [you] real nice. That line is one of my faves. It just might become your favorite in the song! Oh, and make sure you bring those neon shoes. The song has a fun pop drum and trumpet centered instrumentation that will get you dancing.

Sparkling Sky is where I’m to a point where I really figure out what I want again and not going to take less in love. It’s a don’t be like everyone else anthem, starting the song that way. Do what is best for you and be open about what you need and are looking for. I hope the chorus hook echoing sparkling sky, will take you back to a moment where you were standing under the stars with someone you were getting to know and that was first kiss with that person, not when you were mindlessly sitting on a couch.

I wrote Painted as an idealistic hope of the kind of love that I wanted to one day feel for someone. The background vocals give it a transcendent chant that fills the atmosphere with sincerity of the hope of love we all long to find.

Friday Night is a release of energy to the weekend dance scene as I reflect on the moments in my life when I hoped for something very strongly that could quickly change on the dime of another’s individual choice.  Friday Night takes a panorama of my life that loses hope of love only to believe that it will come back to me when I accept and love who I am.

I’m Yours epitomizes deep affectionate love for my husband. It’s the kind of love that flows as continuously as it regenerates ever more stronger through time itself.  I wrote it for him on the first Valentine’s Day that we were year ago. It came when I had a realization that I had never felt love and trust as I now did with him. The words I love you come out of our mouths often and although they are special and meaningful, I wanted to be able to describe more about why I say I love you to him, so I wrote this song. I’m Yours is like a timeless black and white photo that stands for a couple's love centuries after they have passed this earth. Elvis Presley, Can't Help Falling in Love has been my fave for a while, but I'm Yours is my new favorite love song.


Letting Go - Has it touched you?

I can hardly believe it. Time has flown the past few months. I have been working on songs like crazy and I wish you could see what a blessing Nick (my husband) is to me. He is my partner in crime. I just had the release of Letting Go, which helped me gain traction. It is definitely a song many people have let me know they can relate well to. You know those songs that dig deep and make you think? That was Letting Go for me. When I wrote it, I was at a low place in my life, trying to convince myself to move on. It was probably the third song I ever wrote and one I've never been able to let go of (pun intended). It made total sense to me.

Tonight Nick and I were talking about life as a result of a friend calling after hearing Letting Go. Our friend was wondering about the story around it because they felt like they were putting someone they were dating in a similar place to where I was at when I wrote it. After the phone conversation, we talked about how sometimes we have felt led in our lives to shed everything in order to become something new. Not like a lizard or snake that loses its skin, rather like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon or a tadpole into a frog that now has liberty to live on land or in water. These changes happen as we allow ourselves to let go.

I love hearing stories about how the songs I have written inspire others or touch them. It reminds me of the incredible impact the songs have each had on me and continue to have on me. Please share with me how you are touched. xx


THANK YOU! Please keep donating!

I really appreciate the donations thus far and it has humbled me how generous many of you have been. For those of you who have, I will be sending you a free download card for Friday Night, so look for that. Also, if you haven't donated to the crowdfunding campaign yet, please do! Let's make this music dream happen together. 

Crowdfunding Campaign to Launch on October 15!

Hi friends, Andrea here. Tomorrow (10-15-15) I am launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise $12,000 to finish my upcoming EP. Painted is the first song of the EP and I have just finished another song. I need your help to raise the money needed to finish the rest of the songs (7 total). 

Please share this news with others so that we can rally the friends we need to create more awesome songs together. I have some pretty gifts for those who donate, so please check those out. Love ya and thank you so much for even reading this! xx

Getting more official with every passing day...

It's all quite a process to get from dream to reality. It's going in baby steps, but little by little I am getting there. Going in the right direction. My website has made significant improvements and I am about ready to tell the FB world that Painted will be released on my birthday...Oct 10. AHHHHHHH! So exciting.

You all paint my life pretty like October sunsets. xx

Social Media Presence

I've just built a FB Page called Andrea Belita Music and I am really excited about sharing it with everyone. That is where you will find most of my upcoming events and happenings. Please share it! Tell your friends!

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