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Letting Go - Has it touched you?

I can hardly believe it. Time has flown the past few months. I have been working on songs like crazy and I wish you could see what a blessing Nick (my husband) is to me. He is my partner in crime. I just had the release of Letting Go, which helped me gain traction. It is definitely a song many people have let me know they can relate well to. You know those songs that dig deep and make you think? That was Letting Go for me. When I wrote it, I was at a low place in my life, trying to convince myself to move on. It was probably the third song I ever wrote and one I've never been able to let go of (pun intended). It made total sense to me.

Tonight Nick and I were talking about life as a result of a friend calling after hearing Letting Go. Our friend was wondering about the story around it because they felt like they were putting someone they were dating in a similar place to where I was at when I wrote it. After the phone conversation, we talked about how sometimes we have felt led in our lives to shed everything in order to become something new. Not like a lizard or snake that loses its skin, rather like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon or a tadpole into a frog that now has liberty to live on land or in water. These changes happen as we allow ourselves to let go.

I love hearing stories about how the songs I have written inspire others or touch them. It reminds me of the incredible impact the songs have each had on me and continue to have on me. Please share with me how you are touched. xx